Match Play

The United Nations Golf Club (UNGC) in Vienna is once again organising singles and doubles match play tournaments during the 2020 season. The draw for the handicap competitions will be made in early April and the competitions themselves will run from mid-April until approximately the middle of October. Depending on the number of participants, there will be 5 or so rounds in each competition for the successful participants. The UNGC Singles Match Play Championship: The winner of this tournament can proudly call himself or herself the UN Golf Club Match Play Champion. It is a singles match play competition, so it is based upon holes won rather than strokes taken. It is a handicap competition so everybody has a chance!

The 2019 UNGC Singles Match Play Championship was won by Irene Huber, who beat Mathew Geertsen (4&3) in the final.

The first-round losers of the singles competition were entered into the Consolation Singles Match Play competition. Unfortunately, there was almost no interest in playing the Consolations competition and it had to be cancelled and will be discontinued.

The doubles tournament is the UNGC Chapman Match Play. Dana Kain and Patricia Godoy-Kain took the 2019 title by beating Irene Huber and Mark O’Connell 2&1 in the finals. Like the Singles Championship, the Chapman Foursomes is a match play competition based upon handicap. It is a fun format where you and your partner play alternate shots with the same ball from the third shot onwards. If you want to participate and have a partner, please let us know the name of your partner when you register! If you do not have a partner, please contact the Match Play Organiser, Goeran Appelgren at, and he will try to find one for you.

Both competitions are open to all members of the UNGC. If you want to play in one or both of the tournaments, please register on this page by midnight, 31 March 2020, indicating the competition(s) you want to play in, what your current handicap index is, and the name of your doubles partner (Chapman foursomes) if you know already. For any queries, feel free to contact the match play organiser, Goeran Appelgren at . We aim to announce the draw for both competitions early April.

Please note that the same rules about deadlines used last year will be applied again this year, only the rules will be strictly adhered to. For each round, there will be a two-week grace period beyond the deadline of each scheduled match play round. This deadline is to prevent delays in subsequent matches and to ensure the final rounds are played in favourable weather conditions. A committee made up of the Match Play Organiser and UNGC Executive Committee members will determine which (individual or team) will proceed into the next round in the event a scheduled match has not been played before the end of the two-week grace period. To avoid unnecessary complications and to ensure fairness, please copy when you make your match arrangements!