Membership Renewal

If you were a UNGC member last year, you may use this form to renew your UNGC membership by selecting your name from the list and clicking submit. Your information from last year (organization, home address, email, telephone, home club, etc.) will be used to register you for this year.

If any of your information has changed from last year you should register using the "Membership and Renewal" page instead.

Cost of Membership: 

  • 75 for Primary Member
  • 75 for Spouse or Dependent Child (19 years of age or older on 1 January)
  • 35 for Dependent Child (under 19 years of age on 1 January)
Total Fee Payable:  Please pay the appropriate membership fees to UNGC account: 

UNGC Bank Austria Account
   IBAN: AT54 1100 0095 8583 2000

Please include in the payment your name and what the payment is for. Including your name and reason for payment helps us in tracking payments.