The United Nations Golf Club (UNGC) in Vienna is once again organising singles and doubles match play tournaments during the 2019 season. The draw for the handicap competitions will be made during the first week of April and the competitions themselves 
will run from mid-April until approximately the middle of October. Depending on the number of participants, there will be 5 or so rounds in each competition for the successful participants. The UNGC Singles Match Play Championship:  The winner of this tournament can proudly call himself or herself the UN Golf Club Match Play Champion.  It is a singles match play competition, so it is based upon holes won rather than strokes taken.  It is a handicap competition so everybody has a chance!  The 2018 UNGC Singles Match Play Championship final was won by Jerry Carter, who beat Sandeep Chawla, 1 up.  The first-round losers of the singles competition are automatically entered in the Consolation Singles Match Play competition. The 2018 UNGC Consolation Singles was won by Mathew Geertsen, who beat Chan Sik Park, 2 up. The doubles tournament is the UNGC Chapman Match Play.  Jeff Graham and Tony Westwell took the title by beating John Meehan and Wolfgang Bestak, 2 up in the finals.  Like the Singles Championship, the Chapman Foursomes is a match play competition based upon handicap.  It is a fun format where you and your partner play alternate shots with the same ball from the third shot onwards.  If you want to play with a particular partner in the foursomes, please let us know the name of that person!  Otherwise, the pairs will be determined by the match play tournament organisers.

Both competitions are open to all members of the UNGC.  If you want to play in one or both of the tournaments, please register online at Match Play Registration, by midnight, 31 March 2019, indicating the competition(s) you want to play in, what your current handicap index is, and the name of your doubles partner (Chapman foursomes) if you know already.  For any queries, feel free to contact the match play organiser, Goeran Appelgren at . We aim to announce the draw for both competitions first week of April.

Please note that the same rules about deadlines used last year will be applied again this year, only the rules will be strictly adhered to. For each round, there will be a two-week grace period beyond the deadline of each scheduled match play round. This deadline is to prevent delays in subsequent matches and to ensure the final rounds are played in favourable weather conditions. A committee made up of the Match Play Organiser and UNGC Executive Committee members will determine which (individual or team) will proceed into the next round in the event a scheduled match has not been played before the end of the two-week grace period. To avoid unnecessary complications and to ensure fairness, please copy when you make your match arrangements!

Rules: 2018 UNGC Knock-out Competitions

A.     Rules that apply to both the Singles and Chapman Doubles Match Play competitions
1.      The highest permissible handicap index is 36 for both men and women.
2.      The venue is to be mutually agreed upon between the two parties. If no agreement can be reached, the matter shall be referred to the Match Play Organiser. Please note that this is a departure from the rule of previous years, where the first named (or top) player or team in the draw got to choose the venue. 
3.      The first named (or top) player or team in the match schedule has the responsibility of arranging the match.  Please don’t expect the Match Play Organiser to make the arrangements or to keep reminding you.
4.      The first named player or team also has the responsibility of informing the organizer of the result of a match (location, date and score), with an optional brief write-up of what happened during the match. The write up will be posted on this web site for all members to see. 
5.      If the match could not be played by the deadline (including the two-week period of grace), then the team or individual that goes through to the next round will be determined by a three-person Committee, made up of the Match Play Organiser and two UNGC Executive Committee members.
6.      If a match is all square after eighteen holes, it goes into sudden death. This should start at hole No. 1 (followed by 2, 3, 4, etc.) - unless otherwise agreed by the parties before the start of the match.
7.      Rules of play are based on the rules approved by the R&A and the United States Golf Association (USGA).
8.      All protests concerning rule interpretations during a match must be submitted in writing to the Match Play Organiser ( within three working days of the match in question by the player or team. All decisions by the Match Play Organiser in conjunction with the UNGC Rules Committee will be final.

      Rules that apply to only the Singles Match Play competition (and the Consolation competition) 
1.      From the second round on in the Singles Championship, the winners in the first round will remain in the Championship bracket while the first-round losers will move into the Consolation bracket. In order for the players in the Consolation bracket to advance in the tournament, they must keep winning. Once a player loses a match in the Consolation bracket, that player is eliminated from the tournament.  

C.      Rules that apply to only the Chapman Doubles Match Play competition (a variation of a four-ball match between two 2-person teams)
1.      Both players on a team tee off. Switch balls after the drive, select the one best ball after the second shot, play alternate shot until the ball is holed. The player whose second ball was not chosen gets to play the third shot.
2.      If a player plays when his partner should have played, his/her side shall lose the hole.
3.      If a player plays a stroke with a wrong ball, except in a hazard, his/her side shall lose the hole. 

D.      Handicap Calculations
First agree with your opponent(s) which tees you are going to play from. Then look up your “playing handicaps” from those tees in the conversion chart found at all golf club venues, using your own handicap indexes. Once you’ve done that, use the chart below to determine the strokes given. Additionally, the highest permissible handicap index is 36 for both men and women. Golfers with a higher handicap are welcome to participate, but they will be assigned the maximum handicap index of 36. 

The UNGC handicap calculation chart is as follows: 

 Hcp Difference  Strokes Given
   Hcp Difference  Strokes Given
0 0   19 15
1 1   20 16
2 2   21 17
3 3   22 17
4 4   23 18
5 5   24 18
6 5   25 19
7 6   26 20
8 7   27 20
9 8   28 21
10 9   29 22
11 9   30 22
12 10   31 23
13 11   32 23
14 12   33 24
15 12   34 24
16 13   35 25
17 14   36 25
18 14      

The same calculation is applied for Chapman Match Play competitions, but the “Player” is the team and the playing handicap of the “Player” is the average of the two team members’ playing handicaps.