UNGC Glenmuir Clothing

Men's Stitch Detail Shirt
Men's Mesh Panel Shirt

UNGC has for sale Glenmuir men's shirts with the UNGC logo in a variety of sizes and colors:
  • Men's Stitch Detail Shirt€49; Sizes M,L,XL
  • Men's Mesh Panel Shirt€49; Sizes M,L,XL
To place an order:
  • fill out the form (below) and click the Submit button.
  • you will receive an email confirming your order.
  • pay the total amount of the order by sending payment to:
UNGC Bank Austria Account
IBAN: AT54 1100 0095 8583 2000

Please include in the payment your name and what the payment is for. Including your name and reason for payment helps us in tracking the orders.

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