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Singles Reports

Match Play Reports
Round 1

Dana Kain beat Victor Aguilar 3&1 
Victor Aguilar and I had our singles match today (7 May, 2014) at the Golfclub Schloß Schönborn. The weather was perfect and the course was in fantastic condition. Both of us had our good and bad shots.

We started even on the first two holes. Then I shanked (yes, the dreaded S word) into the trees. Victor took, and held, a 1 up lead until 8, where it was his turn to have problems. I won the hole, and the next to take a 1 up lead after nine.

On the back Victor made a great sand save on 10 to halve the hole, but then had trouble on two of the next three. So after 13 I was 3 up. But Victor came storming back by winning 14 and 15, which left me 1 up with 3 to go. We both had a little trouble on 16, but I was able to prevail and win the hole. I then birdied 17 to close out the match 3&1. 

It was a good match.


Bill Bush beat Viorel Gruenwald 4&2
After a string of rainy and windy days, Viorel picked a warm and sunny one for our match at Süßenbrunn. He also invited the pretty and young Adriana to accompany us, a very good decision indeed. Her friendly smiles assured that we behaved like gentlemen during the match. Look out UNGC golfers, her handicap does not reflect her great swing.
Viorel took the first hole with a one put par. He had a fantastic pitch from the bushes behind the first green. Alas, the good beginning did not last for Viorel. Bill took the second with a par, then Viorel drove long along the tiger line to the third needing just a short pitch to the green. Not to be, he chunked it into the bushes for an unplayable lie and was not able to get up and down for bogey. Bill took the third. Unfortunately for Viorel, this inconsistency lasted for more holes than he would like. Bill went to three up at the turn. Viorel made a routine par on fourteen to pull Bill back to three up. It did not last. Bill parred fifteen to go dormy with four to play. Viorel took sixteen to stay in the game. Seventeen was pivotal. Viorel was on the edge of the green in three and Bill in the bunker also in three. Viorel was away and putted well, but not dead. Bill’s bunker shot to three meters left a long putt, that was made for par. Viorel missed his par putt for Bill to win 4/2.
We then enjoyed the last two holes without the pressure of tournament golf. The nineteenth was even better. A good time was had by all.


Round 2

Pete Zachry beat José Luis Ortiz 7&6
On Sunday June 8th the singles match of Ortiz vs Zachry was played at GC Schoenfeld. The day was a scorcher with temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius. Zachry being on the top of the bracket had a distinct advantage playing the match at his home course. For Mr Ortiz, this was his first introduction to GC Schoenfeld with its left side out-of-bounds on a number of holes and some of the fastest greens in Austria.  Neither of the players calculated the slope / handicaps so they agreed to play the entire 18 and sort things out at the clubhouse. After retiring to the shade and the comfort of a cold beer, the calculations had Zachry defeating Ortiz on the 12th hole 7&6. The players then enjoyed the setting and conversed on a number of interesting subjects over some cold drinks and lunch. Overall it was a very enjoyable day with good company.


Mathew Geertsen beat Patricia Godoy Kain 4&3
On June 7 we challenged the heat and each other and played our game on Suessenbrunn. Seeing our handicaps you can imagine we really had a match and throughout the first nine it has been "one up, equal, and or "one down".
Thanks to a flow Mathew got into he suddenly ran out towards 4 up making good approaches and long putts! In spite of her solid play Patricia was not able to catch up any more and lost her game with 4 and 3.
After finishing the 18 holes we enjoyed a well-deserved drink on the terrace. 
Thank you Patricia for the nice golf day.


Jerry Carter beat Himmet Cayir 4&3
The singles match between Himmet Cayir and Jerry Carter was played at Schoenfeld on a beautiful day. Jerry jumped off to an early lead with a par on number one and by the fifth hole was 4 up. Himmet found his game then and was able to keep the margin steady with a little back and forth and was only three down by the 12th where he had a beautiful approach shot into the green and made an easy birdie. In the end the margin was too much to make up, and the match ended on the 15th with Jerry up 4 with 3 to play.


Bill Bush beat Margaret Grandison 7&5
On a glorious, sunny, Saturday morning at GC Brunn, Margaret Grandison and Bill Bush teed off in their UNGC Singles match with accompanying Georgina Bush and Jutta Grams. Bill noted that Margaret had recently won the long drive contest at Lengenfeld and played well there. Margaret demonstrated her driving prowess and power on the first tee with the ball landing almost to the one hundred meter marker well in front of Bill. Margaret’s third and fourth shots landed in the water, she conceding the first hole. Bill won the second because of Margaret’s straying second and third shots. Margaret won the third with a two putt par getting Bill back to one up. Unfortunately and in spite of long, straight drives being one down was as close as Margaret got to Bill. The straying second and third shots shortly became a trend leading Bill to be five up at the turn. All was not yet lost to Margaret, she fought back with a regulation par on ten. Bill then took the next three holes to win seven up with five to play. We then played our way into the nineteenth for a relaxing drink and good conversation.


Round 3

Jean-Fred Feuz beat Bill Bush 3&1
On a warm and sunny morning at GC Brunn, Jean-Fred Feuz and Bill Bush drove off the first tee neither liking their resulting drives. That golf is as much a mental game as physical was proved when Bill found out that the handicap of the first hole on the score card stored for probably years in his golf bag was not the current handicap of the hole and no, he does not get a stroke on the first hole. He further proved it when conceding the sixth hole when if he had putted the final six inch putt, he would have had a half. C’est Le Golf.
Jean-Fred played consistently on the front nine to lead by five holes at the turn. Bill’s game turned a bit better to hold Jean-Fred to five up till the fourteenth hole with Jean-Fred then dormy. With a combination of good play and a bit of good luck, Bill survived till the seventeenth tee. Bill’s tee shot was straight low and short. Jean-Fred’s high and on target where he two putted for par and the win, three up and one to play. Congratulations Jean-Fred and good luck in the next round.


Charlie Slater beat Pari Gazzola 3&2
Parichart Gazzola and Charlie Slater played their singles match on a beautiful late afternoon day at Schoenfeld Golf Course on June 16.  Both players battled back and forth, with Charlie going up three and Pari roaring back to go two up and Charlie scrambling to overcome some horrible iron shots to recapture the lead on the back.  Both players played every hole to win, never happy with a mere halve.  It was a shame that in the end, only one person could survive to win the match.  Charlie played his best round of the year, winning 3 and 2, but feeling that he was very lucky to survive.


Round 4

Pete Zachry beat Jean-Michel Becar 2&1
The Zachry vs Becar match took place on Sunday September 7th at GC  Schoenfeld. The mid-morning match began at 10:10 on a beautiful morning. The handicaps were calculated according to UNGC rules , with Zachry giving Becar 10 strokes. Zachry got off to an early lead, taking the first 3 holes. On the par5 4th hole Becar took advantage of his stroke and won the hole. Zachry went on another run , taking the next 3 holes to go up 5 on the match. Becar, not one to give in easily, made a statement by making good use of his strokes on the 8th & 9th holes , bringing the match to a more manageable +3 (Zachry) at the turn. 

After a series of back and forth, the 14th hole resulted in a tie, bringing the match to Zachry +4 with just 4 holes to go. Becar, now dormy, was still not giving up and attempted to bring the match to a playoff by running the table. Although he nearly pulled it off, Zachry played to a tie on the 17th hole, bringing the match to an end. Final result, Zachry 2&1 . Becar played a tough match. If it was not for the slow start, likely due to the lack of sleep from the recent addition of a new baby to his family, it may have been an entirely different story. Congratulations to JM Becar on the birth of his daughter and on being a tough competitor.


Jerry Carter beat Jacob Namer 4&2
On a nice August morning, Jacob Namer and Jerry Carter played their singles match at Spillern. The course, under new management, is being improved in many ways, and the improvements are most welcome.

Jerry got off to a quick start winning the first hole, but Jacob persisted on the next two holes to go one up. Not to be outdone, Jerry pushed back with pars on the next three holes to take a 2-up lead. The first halve came on the 8th, but it was the last of the front nine as Jacob took the 8th and Jerry took the 9th. The tenth was halved and Jacob inched to within 1 hole by winning the 11th, but gave it back on the 12th. Jacob won the 13th, Jerry the 14th and 15th to be up by 3 with 3 to play. A par-saving put on the par-5 16th gave Jerry the match 4 and 2. 

A fun morning was had by both players and it was a shame that one of us had to lose! Keep your eyes on Spillern; It is an up-and-coming course!

Round 6 - Finals

Pete Zachry beat Charlie Slater 4&3
The UNGC singles match play finals were played on Sunday October 26th between Pete Zachry  and Charlie Slater at GC Schoenfeld.
The handicap system had Slater giving Zachry 3 strokes. Jody Hopponen joined in
The match started off with Slater taking the first hole. The alarm bells went off for Zachry ( a notorious slow starter),  to be careful not to fall behind early.

On the second hole, Zachry was on the green in two to take the hole and even the match. On the par-3 third hole Zachry put his tee shot 4 feet from the pin and went on to go ahead by one.

Slater looked like he was going to even it back up on the par-5 fourth but Zachry managed to pull it out in the end to go 2-up. It became evident that Slater was having a tough day from the tee and was having trouble finding his usual power draw , instead leaving most drives out to the right side. The 5th hole was not a good place to push the ball considering the water hazard on the right and after Slater put his tee shot into the drink, Zachry went up by 3.  Although the weather was a bit off from the projected forecast, there was no wind at Schoenfeld. Considering the conditions and having a bit of a lead, Zachry shot for the green on the par-3 6th hole and put the ball 12 feet from the pin to eventually take the hole and  go 4-up.
It was about this time that Zachry voiced his belief to Slater that it was only a matter of time before Slater would come charging back. Slater took the 7th hole to cut the lead back down to 3. The 8th hole was where Zachry would receive his first stroke from Slater.  Somehow this resulted in Zachry losing focus and nearly giving away the hole. Feeling a shift in momentum and a good lead beginning to slip away, Zachry had an 8 foot putt from the fringe at the back of the green to tie the hole.  Otherwise the lead would be cut to a very manageable 2 hole lead, but Zachry made the putt and kept the lead at 3, narrowly escaping a potential momentum shift. Later in the clubhouse, the players would agree this was a decisive hole and a different result may have had a great impact on the match. On the 9th hole, Zachry hit a reasonable tee shot and Slater pushed his ball out the right side, making the approach more difficult. After hitting the green in two, Zachry went on to take the hole and make the turn at 4-up.
There was a little back and forth on the back nine, but Slater was under pressure to make every shot and take some holes before running out of holes. The early cushion gave Zachry some confidence that if he could just win and tie a few holes on the back nine the match would be his. Ultimately this is what happened, when on the par-5 15th , Zachry took the hole to go 4-up with 3 to play to close out the match.  Looking back, Zachry felt fortunate, knowing Slater has a much better game than the one he brought on that day and the fact that he himself played one of his best rounds of the season. Golf is a crazy game -  given another day and a few different bounces or putts finding or missing the hole - the results could be quite different.  Cheers to Charlie Slater for a great day and the great sportsmanship. I look forward to future rounds of golf with him and the enjoyable conversation.