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Doubles Reports

Match Play Reports
Round 1

P. Gazzola/Carter beat Herzer/Liston 6&5
The doubles match between team Herzer/Liston and P.Gazzola/Carter was held on a beautiful hot day with a moderate breeze at GC Wien. The P.Gazzola/Carter team played exceptionally well on the front 9 paring all but the 8th hole and led the match 7-up at the turn. Herzer/Liston then found their form and the match was fairly even with the teams trading wins and halves. On the 13th with the match Dormie, Pari sealed the win with a beautiful fairway wood into a good breeze that landed 3 metres from the pin. P.Gazzola/Carter won 6 and 5.


Bush/Bush beat Becar/Dantand 4&3
On a warm and windy day at GC Spillern Jean-Michel Becar and Wolf Dantand teed up to play their match against Georgina and Bill Bush. Wolf smashed his drive to the edge of a fairway bunker and Jean-Michel hit just short of the green for a short pitch on. Bill and Georgina ended in the green side bunker in three, but were able to get up and down for a winning bogey. The second was halved. Bill and Georgina had a string of wins to go three up. Courageously fighting back, Wolf and Jean-Michel had a string of wins to go all square after eight. Bill and Georgina went one up at the turn. The battling teams halved ten with two pars. Then through a combination of solid play by Bill and Georgina and wayward shots from Jean-Michel and Wolf, Bill and Georgina went four up with five to play. Wolf and Jean-Michel showed their strong character to win fourteen, but alas Bill and Georgina won fifteen to win four and three. We then casually played the last three holes where the men were treated to some outstanding play by Georgina, who parred the difficult and last hole. Then to the nineteenth were a round of birdies were played, as is usual in UNGC matches!

Geertsen/Namer beat Fennessy/Entekhabi 6&5
On May first, the mentioned match took place at Sussenbrunn.
A lovely day of relaxed golf ended in a 6-5 for the winners: Mathew and Jacob. Our opponents took the lead on the first hole, before Mathew was even awake. Luckily Jacob was able to pull up the team into a draw on the second hole. The rest of the golf was a slowly but steady fight to creep away from the opponent. With the help of some lucky shots and magic putts we did!
I do have to thank our opponents for having had a very relaxed and friendly golf afternoon.


Kain / Godoy-Kain beat Curry-Bestak / Fleischer 4&3
We played our match at GC Poysdorf on Sunday 11 May. It rained the whole time. We were the only ones on the course. Not much was dry when we finished.

Mary and Susan won the first hole. Mary chipped in to start the match. They then won hole 4 to go 2 up. But we came back and won 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 to go 3 up at the turn. They then won 10, and we won 11 and 12 to go 4 up with 6 to go. They won 14 and we then won 15 to win 4&3.

A really up and down match. Lots of back and forth. We had lots of fun despite the rain.  Even my wife did and she hates to play in the rain.


Cortes/Kashyap beat Meehan/Bestak 4&2
On Saturday despite unfavourable weather forecast the two teams agreed to go for a match play at Bockfliess. The whole course was to us and weather God surprised us with no rain. It was a keenly contested round of golf with first half dominated by Alvaro Cortes and Ravi Kashyap and second half by John Meehan and Wolfgang Bestak, but with the lead of first half the match ended in favour of Alvaro and Ravi with score of 4/2.
Overall it was an excellent day of golf and fellowship.


Round 2

Geertsen/Namer beat Zachry/Gruenwald 3&2
WE DID IT. In a very challenging game Mathew and Jacob beat Viorel and Pete in 3&2!!
Although never running behind, Mathew and Jacob could not get away more than 1 hole during the first 10 holes. Actually at the twelfth Pete and Viorel again levelled the game and we thought it would be really hard to beat them. Thanks to Jacobs very sturdy putting when it really mattered and some unfortunate misses from the others we were able to run away again and get three up. On the 16th again by good putting from Jacob we shared the hole and ended 3&2. 
Thanks guys for the great game!


Mathew and Jacob

Huber/Cardoso beat Pari Gazzola/Carter 2&1
The match was played on a late summer afternoon at GC Süssenbrunn, but from white and yellow tees (!!!). Conditions were difficult as the course was dry and the greens very hard. The ladies had new interesting views from unusual tee boxes! Irene/Alain had a nervous start - Alain was still shocked after Spain’s football team was knocked out - they lost the first 2 holes with three-putts, while Pari/Jerry played solid golf with Pari’s long drives and Jerry’s good short game. The next 2 holes were halved, and on the easy 5th hole Par 4 team Irene/Alain struggled again with chipping and putting and were now 3 behind. On hole 8 Pari/Jerry used their stroke well and took a comfortable lead with 4 up. But Irene/Alain pulled themselves together and struggled back to win hole 9, maybe the turning point….VAMOS! They also took holes 11 and 12 – Pari/Jerry still 1 up. On hole 14 Alain and Pari had excellent drives but Irene managed to sink the crucial putt for par, while Pari/Jerry were unlucky not to sink their putt – all square! Irene/Alain also won hole 15 with a good drive and approach, now leader for the first time with 1 up. Hole 16 was halved with a par. And on the 17th the match was over – again the short game decided – Irene/Alain won 2 & 1. The mosquitos and cool drinks were waiting on the 19th hole (no girlies despite equal chances )…..Thank you, Pari and Jerry, for an exciting fair match!!


Hallett/Hodgkin beat Casagrande/Johnson 4&3
Barry & Bob had the luxury of 14 strokes from Ric Casagrande & Mike Johnson, which made a huge difference. Also, Mike had just returned from a month in USA and despite denials, was surely not in his best form which when ‘on’ is most impressive. B&B led from the first hole which was parred by both. Bob had trouble with his drives but Barry usually compensated and Bob managed to scramble towards the green.
B&B continued with either par or bogie and were 6-up after 8 but lost the 9th due to a fine shot onto the green by Ric.
The come-back continued at the 10th but Bob drained a very long putt on the 11th to get back to 5-up. Mike hit a magnificent shot a couple of feet short of the green on the short par 4 12th and despite Bob actually giving Barry a second shot from 100m which he duly put onto the green R&M were back to ‘only’ 4 up. Bob made another putt on the 13th for dormie 5 but again, Ric made the green with his tee-shot for dormie 4 after 14.
The final blow was a bogie vs. par on the 15th for a 4 and 3 win for B&B. This was definitely an uphill battle for R&M given the stroke difference but a pleasant round with no rain despite forecasts to the contrary. It was nice to play Schoenborn again.


Round 3

Feuz/Shahandeh beat Namer/Geertsen 5 & 3
Himberg, Sunday 20 July - Playing flawless team golf, Behrouz Shahandeh and Jean-Fred Feuz beat Jacob Namer and Mathew Geertsen 5 & 3 on this scorching Sunday.

The match was played at Himberg’s beautiful West Course in a friendly and competitive atmosphere.

Combining Behrouz’s long-game and Jean-Fred’s short game, they jumped into a four-hole lead by the end of the fifth and maintained the advantage at the turn. Jean-Fred’s red-hot putter saw him sink long putts on the second and the fourth, the latter for a birdie. A deft pitch by Behrouz and another Jean-Fred clutch putt helped the team half the ninth at which Jacob and Mathew had a stroke. Jacob and Mathew had won the eighth.

Another birdie on the par-five 10th and a par on the par-three 11th, ensured that Jean-Fred and Behrouz maintained an even-par round and to go six-up. At this point, Mathew and Jacob staged a fight back and banking on long drives by Mathew won the 12th and the 13th holes.  The par-five 14th was halved with bogies, allowing Behrouz and Jean-Fred to go dormy 4.

No one reached the green on the long par-three 15th. But a superb pitch by Jean-Fred and a sure putt by Behrouz for tap-in bogey, were enough to complete a 5 & 3 win.