United Nations Golf Club 2014 UNO Trophy

Held at the exclusive Golf Club Fontana


Sunday 31 August, 2014
Golf Club Fontana
Fontana Allee 1
2522 Oberwaltersdorf
08:00-10:00 Registration
09:00 1 & 10 Start Blue & Orange Tees
Halfway Snack
14:00 Welcome Back Refreshment
18:00 Aperitif
18:30 Dinner
Awards ceremony
Dessert and socializing

Bring swim/leisure clothes in case you would like to use the beach club/pool
Texas Scramble or Stableford. Each player must choose which format they wish to play when registering for the tournament.

The Stableford format is competitive and handicap effective.

Texas Scramble format is played in pairs and is more relaxed.

Texas Scramble Rules
  • Each team will consist of two players. 
  • Both players can tee off at each hole. 
  • The nominated team captain then selects the best drive and marks the position (within 15cm) (not nearer the hole). A minimum of six tee shots per player to be used.
  • The other player then retrieves their ball. 
  • The player whose ball has been chosen then plays his next shot first. 
  • The remaining player then plays within 15 cm of the marker (not nearer the hole). Note! Golf balls shall be placed on closely mown areas and dropped if the chosen ball in play is in the rough or a hazard.
  • The above method of play is followed until the green is reached. 
  • On the green the same method applies. The ball chosen is marked by a putter head length and players putt from the same spot in turn.
  • Each player must mark the ball after putting. Play continues until the ball is holed.
  • The score is the total number of shots from the chosen spots (including the tee shot).
  • Handicap. The team handicap is calculated by adding the two handicaps of the players and dividing by two, including fractions.
  • Note! If a player putts and misses but then inadvertently knocks the ball into the hole, then that score counts. At the end of the round the total for each hole is added together and the handicap subtracted to give the total net score for the round. The winning team will be the one with the lowest score. All other rules of golf apply to the "Ball in Play". In particular please be aware of Rule 14.2. Team members are not allowed to position themselves on or close to an extension of the line of play or the line of putt behind the ball.
Rules according to the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews
Golf Devices Allowed (GPS, Laser)
Tournament Costs
Member Fee: €80 (Green fee, Dinner, Halfway during play) 
Non Member Fee: €120 
Dinner only guest: €45 

Guests are responsible for paying their own bar bills

  • Please remit the required amount into the following account before registering and indicate clearly the purpose of payment and your name:

    • UNGC Bank Austria Account
          IBAN: AT54 1100 0095 8583 2000
          BIC:   BKAUATWW

  • Please register through the website at: UNO Trophy Registration with your Name, Home Club, Handicap, Email, and Tournament Format selection.

  • Deadline for registration is 27 August 2014.

  • cancellation fee of 100% will be charged for participants who have registered but not cancelled by 28 August 2014, 09:00.

  • For information regarding GC Fontana, visit http://www.fontana.at/de/Golfclub/index.php

Golf & Sportclub Fontana